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Doncaster é uma das estações inglesas mais movimentadas e sua peculiaridade é a diversidade de empresas ferroviárias, tipos de trens, locomotivas e vagões. Lá há pelo menos dois trens na estação a cada instante e sempre há mais de três. Lá o tempo mínimo para conexões é de 7 minutos, claro, há conexões que tomam mais tempo. Mas esse parâmetro nos serve para imaginar o fluxo de trens que há por lá. Assista os vídeos e deleite-se com os belos e exóticos trens ingleses que visitam a movimentada estação de Doncaster.

E para a nossa surpresa, há uma versão dela em escala OO cuja bitola (distância entre trilhos) é a mesma da HO. Em breve eu farei a tradução do web site desta maquete que fica no, todavia, ao acessá-lo diretamente, vocês poderão usar o Google Translator para entender mais de 90% da explicação.

66610 makes a fine sight as she roars along the up fast at 75 mph with a loaded coal train

56 302 at the fuelling point

56 302 on depot after fuelling

50 035 runs into Doncaster's platform 4 with a well patronised northbound excursion

47 744 waits for a path to Sheffield with a Penzance bound Virgin XC Voyager-substitute service

47 744 still waiting for the road...

MML runs a single daily HST through Doncaster. Here it is bound for Leeds whilst the through lines await the passage of a non-stopping GNER HST.

Here is the same train, showing the origin of some of the MML rolling stock

Another filthy freightliner locomotive sits in Doncaster station

A scruffy 47 744 on the VSOE

A tatty 60078 rests at Doncaster depot

57 307 "Lady Penelope" drags a disgraced Super Voyager back to Three Rivers for attention

The same train captured further down the line

57 307 heads a train of ex-Virgin Mk II stock on a footex

47 744 pauses at Doncaster with an up VSOE charter from Harrogate to London Victoria

The photographer was clearly trespassing when he caught this image of 67 004 sweeping north with a Virgin XC holiday extra from South Devon

Now safely behind the boundary fence, a GNER HST hurtles north under power

Heading south a DRS 47 trundles along with a train of empty car flats

A signal failure brings 60 016 and its rake of loaded MGR wagons to a halt beside the photographer whilst the hand-signaller telephones Doncaster PSB seeking authority for the train to proceed.

A few moments later permission is granted to proceed under caution and the driver utilises the power of 60 016 to the full as she restarts her heavy train

A 5-car Virgin class 221 purrs along the down fast at 125 on a cross-country service from Poole

A Midland Mainline Class 170 heads north along the ECML with an additional service from St. Pancras

47 787 restarts a train of rolled steel from a signal stop with a down train

37 699 pulls out of Doncaster with a southbound minerals train

A GNER HST disturbs the tranquility of the afternoon drinkers at the White Swan Inn - the trainspotters favourite pub!

An up GNER HST service pauses at Doncaster station as passengers shelter from the cold in the waiting room

Virgin's 57 301 awaits its next thunderbird duty in Doncaster's platform 2

A rather fresh (and superbly modelled by Hornby) 31 118 grumbles away to itself on an engineers' train. As we head into Summer, the lay by is becoming busy with trainspotters!

57 307 races past the photographer running light engine

47 787 hurries an up postal service past the lay-by

47 744 is checked on the down fast with a train of new Range Rovers

47 744 restarts its heavy train

47 840 at speed on an early evening down service for Virgin XC

56 058 bowls along the down fast with an Enterprise service

The automotive industry is a good customer!

A beautifully workstained Freightliner (ex-Virgin) 47 visiting from Norwood Park awaits a path north to the delight of the obviously affluent trainspotters in the adjacent lay-by

A filthy 37 667 awaits the road north with an empty train of steel carriers

57 307 pauses at Doncaster with a northbound footex from Sheffield to Middlesborough

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